1. What is No Boundaries?

No Boundaries is a first-of-its-kind experiential on-land and on-line training for transitioning adults with disabilities.
No Boundaries participants advance through curriculum-based group classroom instruction, complimented by individualized opportunities for practical, hands-on experiences in the workplace and community.

2. Is No Boundaries a good match for me? 
No Boundaries is ideal for teens with disabilities (18 years or older) who are transitioning from high school and seeking post-secondary education options, or adults with disabilities (21 years or older) who desire continuing education or employment options in the community.

No Boundaries is geared towards self-motivated individuals who want to strengthen their existing abilities, build new skills, and gain employment and life experiences in the community.

No Boundaries is located at 824 Dempster Street in Evanston. Individuals must be able to provide their own transportation to and from this location for the duration of their enrollment.

At No Boundaries, before telling you what we can do for you, we listen to your questions, your priorities and your expectations. We want to know how your life is today and your vision for the future. Once we understand things from your point of view, we can help you decide whether No Boundaries is a good match for you and your family. At No Boundaries we respect who you are and your unique life's vision.

3. What is the teaching philosophy behind No Boundaries?
The No Boundaries classroom and experiential learning modules are divided into eight thematic areas, which are reflected in our 8 tenets: communication, independence, judgment, personal responsibility, self-advocacy, self-organizing, social thinking, and technology. Participants build and strengthen their workplace and community life skills in both on-land and on-line activities.

4. Why does No Boundaries emphasize on-line learning?
The growing digital divide is making access to employment and community participation for adults with disabilities more challenging than ever. Without essential on-land and on-line communications and productivity skills, they are falling further behind their peers without disabilities in building essential skills that they need to lead productive lives. No Boundaries is at the forefront of addressing this dual need.

5. How long does No Boundaries last?
No Boundaries has a rolling admissions policy. Participants are welcome to stay for as long as they would like.

6. Will I get paid?
No Boundaries is a private, tuition-based program. Participants are not paid for participating in No Boundaries learning or internship programs. Participants who progress successfully through the internship program are given priority for employment consideration at social enterprises and with community-based, local business partners.

7. Will I automatically get job placement after No Boundaries?
Job placement is not guaranteed. Building skills needed for employment is an integral part of learning at No Boundaries. Staff and mentors will assist participants who work hard, demonstrate progress and earn certificates to find employment at one of our social enterprises or the businesses with whom we partner.

8. What is No Boundaries participant-to-instructor ratio?
There is a maximum 8-to-1 participant-to-instructor ratio. In addition to staff instructors, adult mentors provide additional support for skills reinforcement.

9. What do the mentors do?
Mentors work directly with participants to reinforce concepts and skills building.

10. What will I earn upon completion of No Boundaries?
Participants earn individual certificates for successfully learning and mastering skills, as well as achieving learning goals. Certificates can be as specific as mastering a self-organizing skill to something broader, such as demonstrating teamwork or leadership. In addition, qualifying participants have access to internship opportunities where they gain hands-on experience in supportive environments. Both the certificates and internship experiences can be integrated into resumes and portfolios to share with potential employers and peers.

11. What distinguishes No Boundaries from other post-secondary programs?
Well, we are not a new kid on the block! No Boundaries is the perfect pairing of two organizations - Search, Inc. and jjslist.com - with 50 plus years of combined experience in working with people who have disabilities and engaging with the business community. We use established curricula with demonstrated results. We run in an integrated work environment where people with and without disabilities work together. Plus, we are located in the heart of a business district in a diverse and progressive community close to the CTA, Metra and Pace.

12. Does it matter what my disability is?
We believe that by the time an individual reaches adulthood, the disability label becomes irrelevant. Instead, we ask, "What are the supports that the individual with the disability needs in order to have a productive and fulfilling day, week, month, year, life?" With supports identified and in place, learning and skills building become the focus.

13. What role does my family play in No Boundaries? 
Experience tells us that the more involved your family is in your life, the greater and more frequent your successes will be. We invite, and may request your permission for regular communication with an assigned family member or identified adult supporter. Additionally, your family and supporters will be invited to participate in helping the program in any number of ways that fit their interests and availability.