Our Mission

No Boundaries empowers individuals with disabilities to achieve meaningful integration into the workplace and community, through innovative on-land and on-line classroom and experiential learning.

No Boundaries was born through a unique partnership between JJ's List and Search, Inc. Search has provided high quality services and supports to persons with disabilities in the community for more than 40 years. JJ's List helps businesses incorporate disability-aware practices into their core business strategies. At the same time it provides people with disabilities experiential training for career paths involving Internet technology, communications and digital marketing for people with disabilities.

JJ's List and Search share a commitment to innovative models of service that support the integration of people with disabilities into every aspect of the community and workplace. No Boundaries builds on this foundation to open new doors to employment and community life for people with disabilities.

About the Program

No Boundaries is a first-of-its-kind, experiential, on-land and on-line training program for transitioning teens and adults with disabilities. No Boundaries responds to the growing need for community-based, innovative and flexible services designed to help individuals with disabilities build workplace skills, obtain employment, achieve personal goals, form social connections, and participate more fully in their communities.

No Boundaries is ideal for adults with disabilities and teen, 18 years and older, who are transitioning from high school, finished with college-experience programs or other. No Boundaries is designed for motivated individuals who want to strengthen their existing abilities, build new skills and continue learning as well as gain employment and life experiences in the community.  

No Boundaries participants advance through curriculum-based group classroom instruction, complimented by individualized opportunities for practical, hands-on experiences in the workplace and community. The No Boundaries curriculum integrates on-land and on-line skills building with independent living skills, access to community resources and the achievement of personal goals for the workplace and community life in the 21st Century.

The No Boundaries classroom and experiential learning modules are divided into eight thematic areas, which are reflected in our 8 tenets: communication, independence, judgment, personal responsibility, self-advocacy, self-organizing, social thinking, and technology. Participants build and strengthen their workplace and community life skills in there areas in both on-land and on-line activities.

No Boundaries is a private, tuition-based program.

Academic interns from area universities, along with community members and volunteers from Chicagoland companies, serve as mentors to No Boundaries participants. Mentors reinforce all concepts and skills learning.

Qualifying participants have access to internship opportunities in technology, communications, marketing, retail, warehouse order fulfillment, office administration and more.  Social enterprises providing internships, where participants gain hands-on experience in supportive environments, include: