DSP Spotlight: Maria

For almost 2 years Maria has been a dedicated advocate for the women living in Search's Enfield home. Her passion for psychology is what led her to a career in social services. To Maria, the most rewarding part of her job is teaching the ladies to be more independent.

When things get tough, she is able to adjust to meet each of their individual needs. She attributes this to knowing each person so well. Maria says that the key to working in this field is the "ability to identify triggers" and to "prepare in advance" to support the individuals. Maria says that she learns from the ladies of Enfield as much as she teaches them.

Maria has taken her desire to serve and extended her skills beyond Enfield. This year, she participated in a DSP focus group during Search's CQL accreditation. She shared her experience of being a DSP at Search as well as the challenges of working in the state of Illinois.

In her free time, Maria enjoys reading, attending workshops, visiting museums and all the culture that Chicago has to offer. Maria is a star employee and the Supported Living Program is grateful for what she brings to the team.