Partnering with Resurrection University

In 2018, Search began a new partnership with Resurrection University, a nursing school in Chicago.

The partnership has been a big success and benefited both nursing students and the individuals served by Search! To complete their nursing degree, students at Resurrection are required to complete a community rotation. The goal of the rotation is to expose future RNs to a population that they may not have had contact with before. A former Search employee who was a student at Resurrection made the connection between the two organizations.

The first group of nursing students started a seven week pilot program at Search this spring. On their first day students attended an abbreviated version of the CORE Training class that Search offers to all our new employees. The students went on to work in the classrooms and on-site medical clinic at our Adult Learning site in Lincoln Square, Chicago. In the classrooms, students assist with arrival, running curriculum lessons, daily living skills and community involvement. They have a particular focus on working with our individuals to find alternate forms of communication. At the medical clinic, students assist with taking vitals, charting, filing, and helping any doctors that may be on site that day.

The partnership with Resurrection University has greatly helped Search staff by adding additional resources and capacity to our Lincoln site. The partnership has also been great for our individuals, who benefit from the added support. The pilot program this spring was a huge success! We look forward to continuing this partnership and to expanding it to additional sites.

Thanks very much to Resurrection University and their dedicated students!